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Safe-Strip Decal Remover

Ugly decals, GONE!

With the Safe-Strip Decal Remover, You don’t have to live with the worn-out, ugly decals, pinstripes, and weird bumper stickers slapped across your ride anymore! Easily erase them and get  a fresh look, like when you first bought them.

Decal Eraser Removal Wheel Kit– Briskly Deal

  • No need for a new paint job
    Remove the unwanted decals without signs of them being there at all in the first place. The Safe-Strip Decal Remover finishes scratch and paints damage-free. It says it right there on the name.

  • Faster than a speeding bullet
    Install it on a drill, turn it on, and run the wheel through the sticker once or twice. It’s that simple, fast, and easy. Get it done even before lunch!

Decal Eraser Removal Wheel Kit– Briskly Deal

  • No matter what you drive
    Not only for cars. It can be used on boats, bikes, and different kinds of surfaces like acrylic enamel, urethane paint, and vinyl car wraps except ones with lacquer coatings.


Screw the drill arbor onto the Safe-strip Decal Remover and tightly fasten on your drill
Buff the sticker, decal, pinstripe, or adhesive that you want to remove
When done, wipe clean and thorough with a soft cloth


  • Components: Rubber
  • Thread: 5/16 - 24 thread
  • Thickness: 25mm/0.98"
  • Gear diameter: 100mm/3.94"
  • RPM: 4000 rpm


  • 1 x Safe-Strip Decal Remover Wheel
Give your car a clean, fresh start!
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