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SARI Portable Wrist Basketball Training Aid

A must-have for all basketball players

Strong wrists are essential to your basketball gameplay The stronger your wrists and hands are, the easier it is to control the basketball. From shooting a jump shot to dribbling the basketball, your wrists and fingertips come into play more than you probably think. Develop a better ball control with SARI Portable Wrist Basketball Training Aid. This wrist exerciser is intended to improve quality, force, and speed in the wrists, hands, and lower arms. 


  • Pass like pros. Stronger forearms, wrists, & fingers will put that extra zip on passes and keep them from being intercepted by the defense. With its minimum tension of 8kg, this will help improve the strength of your forearm muscles. 

  • Stronger and quicker hands.Stop letting defenders knock the ball out of your hands. Increased grip strength will help you develop better ball control so that no one can knock it away from you. With its function, this can also reduce the risk of injury while playing basketball. 

  • Increase your shooting range. SARI Portable Wrist Basketball Training Aid develops wrist strength and gives you the power to get better wrist snap on your shot and increase your shooting range in a snap. Get ready as you shoot a 3-point shot in your next game. 

  • Train your forearm anywhere.Strengthen your arms wherever you go without bringing bulky dumbbells inside your bag. With its compact size of 27 x 130 x 250 mm, you can train your arms on the go. This will also help you reduce the inflamed tendons of your wrist by doing various workouts with this. 

Product Details:

  • Components: Metal Spring + Foam + Plastic
  • Product Size: 27 x 130 x 250 mm
  • Product Weight: 450 g
  • Color: Black

Package Included:

  • 1 x SARI Portable Wrist Basketball Training Aid

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