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Self-Adhesive Under The Table Drawer


Drawer Self-adhesive Plastic Under Desk Table 


An under-desk storage box that can cure obsessive-compulsive disorder Put the bits and pieces on the desktop into it, one the desktop becomes tidy, and the mood becomes more comfortable.

There are compartments inside: low-frequency use area, A4 size paper can be put, all kinds of documents can be placed safely.

High-frequency use area, pens, or other small items, open the small slits and you can take them as you like.

It’s still stable when it’s full, the small storage box can hold 1kg, the large storage box can hold 2kg.

The adhesive is reliable and lasts for a long time. Equipped with a large area of environmental protection, the adhesive has a strong adhesive effect and will not fall after long-term use.

Storage insulates from dust, and the drawer-style design can not only protect the cleanliness of internal items but also play a role in quick retrieval.

After the installation is completed, the squeeze is stable and it needs to stand for 24 hours before using it to make the adhesive adhere more firmly.


Product Name: storage box under the table, storage box, drawer

Color: Midnight Blue/Shell Gray

Size: Small 22.5*16.3*5.3cm

Large 32.3*28.3*5.7cm (manual measurement slightly error)

Material: ABS+PP

Net weight: 350g/475g

Packing method: carton

Package Included:

1*Storage Box 

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