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SelfStick Silicone Door Stopper

Stop damaging door handles and annoying noise impact!

TheSelfStick Silicone Door Stopperis a soft and effective silicone stopper that shields and protects walls against doorknobs. handles, and locks impact. This makes your wall surface holes and dents-free. 


  • High-Quality and Soft Handle Blocker: This door stopper is made from high-quality silica gel that is soft, durable, tasteless and non-toxic. An eco-friendly product with good elasticity. Good adhesion impact that is hard to fall off because it uses a strong 3M double-sided adhesive with good viscosity. Best quality with long term usability.

  • One Step Installation Process: No holes and no tools needed! Simply match the position where the handle, lock, or door knob hit. Remove the protection paper cover and paste it. Make sure that the wall surface is clean and dry before installation. Removable and transferable to any place where you need it.

  • Most Widely Used Door Stopper: Aside from avoiding collision between your door and wall, it can also be used as bumpers. Reduce noise impact and damage between windows, cabinet doors, and furniture. This is also applicable to toilet covers, table corners and many more. Small and lightweight that it can be carried and reinstalled easily anywhere you want it.

Product Details:

Components: Silicone 

Sizes: 10mm

Pcs/Pack : 48 pcs / pack

Package Include:

1 x pack SelfStick Silicone Door Stopper (3 pack)

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