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SewSister Embroidery Machine Hoop Frame

Hoops for different embroidery needs

Embroider fast, accurately and in high-quality finish by using SewSister Embroidery Machine Hoop Frame! It’s a universal replacement for fast embroidery frames to keep your machine in tiptop condition and makes your embroidery machine stitch in proper alignment. Complete your embroidery project with ease and with better results. 



  • Secure a wide variety of fabrics.Embroider on different types of fabrics and their thickness. SewSister Embroidery Machine Hoop Frame has an adjustable hoop screw to help press and tighten any fabrics. It has clear markings on hoops for easy indication of grid and embroidery design placement. 
  • Embroidery hoops for different motif sizes. Choose the right frame size for the different design size. The hoops come in 3 different sizes to secure fabrics for single large designs, lettering or combination designs without the need for rehooping. 
  • Highly compatible with numerous embroidery machines. Replace your embroidery machine fast hoops with SewSister Embroidery Machine Hoop Frame. High quality and universally compatible with Brother NV500/ NV500D/ NV900/ NV950D/ NV180/P-1000/ PE-300S/ PE-400D/ EMS10/ ZZ3-B140. 

Product Details:

Components: Plastic

Product Sizes: Small (about 6 x 4cm/2.36" x 1.57"), Medium (about 10 x 10cm/3.94" x 3.94"), Large (about 15 x 10cm/5.90" x 3.94")

Package Included:

1 x set embroidery machine hoop frame (3 frames)

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