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ShapeLi Sleep Leg Shaper Pants Leggings


Figure shaping and waist control leggings

Shape your legs with these super comfy and soft ShapeLi Sleep Leg Shaper Pants Leggings. Stretching in all directions and designed with a 3D cutting curve which wraps your legs in 360 degrees to sculpt and shape your legs using the point-to-point pressure system. Relieve your legs from swelling, improve blood circulation while sleeping.


  • Tone your legs as you sleep. Made from stretchy and highly breathable fabric, ShapeLi Sleep Leg Shaper Pants Leggings offer slim sculpting benefits as you rest by mitigating your legs from swelling and bringing back their thin shape. The 360 degrees cutting curve provides the most extreme pressing factor from the lower leg and bit by bit climbs along the legs to your knees.
  • Designed with figure shaping and waist control. High waisted with elastic waistband for better fit and waist control. Soft, breathable and lightweight. The soft fabric stretches and compresses targeted parts for a seamless look and feel.
  • Shape your legs effortlessly.Made from octagonal mesh fabric which applies graduated strong compression from ankle to upper knees. This helps improve blood and lymph circulation which results in toned legs and fat burning effects as you sleep. 
  • Makes a good active wear.Seamless shape, stretchy fabric and strong compression makes it a great activewear. Perfect to wear on workout sessions in the gym, yoga, or casually pair it with tunics and shirts to run errands. 

Product Details:

Components: Nylon, Polyurethane, Cotton
Product Size: M: 64cm-77cm 87cm-100cm / L: 69cm-85cm 92cm-105cm
Product Weight:
Color: black

Package Included:

1 x Leg Shaper Pants Leggings

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