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Silicone Beer Case


Let Your Friends Drink It And Blow Their Minds!

Beer Can Cover, is a good option to hide your beer during outdoor events and some places that prohibit alcohol. 

The beer cover completely covers the entire aluminum can, making your beer look exactly like a can of soda. Made of durable and flexible silicone, they can fit your pocket and put onto your can easily.

ALCOHOL DISGUISE - Looks like your drinking a soda! Fool your friends, family, or nosey people and drink your alcohol in peace.

PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made of food-grade silicone material. BPA-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

 UNIVERSAL FIT - This is a full-length silicone sleeve designed to completely cover the entire can, suitable for 12fl oz 330 ml Aluminum Cans.

 EASY TO USE - Simply slide the sleeve onto the can, and remove it by pulling it out gently.

 TAKE ANYWHERE - Folds up and fits in your pocket. Great for Outdoor Events such as; The Beach, Cookouts, The Golf Course, Park, Sports Events, Walking the Dog, Pool, Camping, Fishing and more.

 DRINK RESPONSIBLY - This product is not intended to deceive the law, please drink responsibly.

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