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Slide N' Break Longboard Downhill Gloves


Fully protect your hand from any scratches

Scared to longboard downhills? Worrying that you might not break at the right time? Avoid any potential harm while longboarding down steep hills. Enjoy the ride and perform tricks effortlessly with our Slide N' Break Longboard Downhill Gloves! Ease up your drifting, balancing and breaking without overspeeding!


🛹Perform Stunts and Tricks, Harm-Free: Control your sliding direction effortlessly. Effortlessly slide and break along corners openly. These gloves completely shield your hand from your wrist down to your fingertips. Ingest stun while easing hand weakness.

🛹Superior Knuckle Safety:
No more thrashed hands. Designed with an armor on the back and front of the gloves. Assist your break, balance and drift even on steep hill corners while riding downhill.

🛹Replaceable Pucks:
Easy to wear, remove and replace slider pucks. Pucks are made from reinforced and double layered for maximum toughness. These Slide N' Break Longboard Downhill Gloves are great for longboard, skateboard, roller skates and more.

🛹Built to Last Protection: Experience maximum comfort with its air ventilation holes and soft EVA pads to prevent sweaty hands. Breathable fabric improves air flow and reduces internal temperature. Secure cuff enclosure makes it wearable for any hand size. Tighten or loosen it to get the perfect fit!

Product Details:

Components: Polyester, Hard-Rubber
Palm circumference:20.3--23cm
Middle finger length:8.5--8.9cm

Package Included:

1 pair Slide N' Break Longboard Downhill Gloves

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