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SmashTrick! 3D Tennis Ball Sticker

Have a great laugh, witness your friend or family’s priceless reaction. See them yell, cry, and get mad. 

Make them believe that the window of their brand new car has been smashed by a tennis ball. Deliver a prank in a more fun and easy way with thisSmashTrick! 3D Tennis Ball Sticker.This unique sticker is guaranteed to put your prank mind into 1st gear!

  • Realistic Visual and Material: Crafted from PVC material and authentic sports gear cut in half. Cleverly designed to look like a ball stuck in a windscreen. Its creative workmanship will give you a completely different car prank experience.
  • Self-Adhesive: Easy to set up, just peel and paste. Stick it and it will not easily fall off. This 3D sticker will not damage the car surface and leave any mark or scum.
  • Use as a Funny Decoration: Stick this SmashTrick! 3D Tennis Ball Sticker on your laptop, wall, car, window, TV screen, or just about any flat smooth clean surface. The realistic effect of broken glass from a distance will add some fun to your everyday life.
  • Great Gag Gift or Prank: It's very well made and so realistic that you can see the reflection of the other part of the ball on the surface. This harmless prank will try to toy with your pal’s mind and not destroy your friendships. Guaranteed to give you loads of laughs at the expense of your car-lover friends who think it’s the end of the world with smashed windshields.

Product Details:

Components: PVC 

Diameter: 17cm 

Weight: 40g

Package Includes:

1 xSmashTrick! 3D Tennis Ball Sticker

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