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Sonar Wireless WIFI Fish Finder

Know where the fishes are and catch them


Our Sonar Wireless WIFI Fish Finder can Accurately detect and finds the fish location and depth using your smartphone or mobile devices. It is a floating fishing device with a built-in water temperature sensor. It detects from up to 135 ft or 45m in fresh and salty waters. It makes fishing more fun and makes sure you catch a fish by the end of the day!

  • Find the fishes easily in fresh or saltwater.  The fish finder floats in water and detects at 90 degrees angle at up to 45 meter deep. It is the most convenient fishing support perfect for those who like fishing as a hobby or for livelihood. 
  • WiFi connectivity even without mobile data or internet.Connect  Sonar Wireless WIFI Fish Finder has its own WiFi signal which your mobile device can detect anytime, anywhere. It has a long range of up to 70 meters of stable connection. No need for internet connection or mobile data. 
  • Sound alarms tell you the size of the fish. You don’t have to guess how big your catch is. You can select what fish to catch just by the sound alerts. It has 3 different sound alerts for large, mid-sized and small fishes.  
  • Easy to read screen display. Monitor using your smartphone or mobile device. Monitor on one hand and the fishing rod on the other! It clearly displays water depth, temperature, fish icon with depth and bottom contour. It makes estimating which area or how deep you throw your bait. 
  • Set it afloat and retrieve it easily.Simple, easy to operate and easy to see. Rechargeable and works up to 5 hours in full charge. So you can enjoy hours of fishing with a sure bucket of catch. 

Product Details:

Compatible with Android/IOS system
Depth capacity:135feet(45m)
Transducer frequency:125KHz
Transducer coverage:90 degrees
WIFI operating range:70M
WIFI frequency:2.4GHz
Power:3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Charging indicator:red light
Working indicator:blue light
Working hours:5 hours fully charging

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