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SportsQ Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener

Opening bottles has never been this sporty and fun.


  This unique and fun tool is like a miniature basketball ring with hoops and a net to catch the caps. Fix it in one place and open bottles anytime you want with one hand and play a game of shooting balls while at it. No more spills and messy opening of bottles with SportsQ Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener.

Fun and convenient bottle opener.

Designed with a wooden plate, and zinc alloy basketball bottle opener and a net to catch the caps. It’s super convenient to open bottles of any drinks and collect caps without a mess. You can open bottles in one hand easily. 

Mount it anywhere you like. 

Save time and energy looking for the bottle opener and picking up the caps. SportsQ Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener has a soft rubber pad and magnet which allows you to fix it in place on any metal surface like your fridge door. It also has a double-sided adhesive tape so you can attach it on non-metal surfaces. 

For the avid basketball fan.

Fun, practical and an ideal aesthetic to any home of an avid basketball fan. Perfect for the family kitchen, bar, party, occasions or game night. Enjoy your bottle of drinks anytime. This unique basketball bottle opener is always ready for you.  

Practical home decor.

Practical, functional and makes a good display. A bottle opener that doubles as a decor. Made from zinc alloy which makes it corrosion resistant, durable and quick to dry. Mount this cute little basketball ring and use it for many drinks to come. 

Product Details:

Components: wood, zinc alloy   

Product Size: 7.86 x 3.14 x 3.14 inches

Product Weight: 318g/ 11.2 ounces

Color: wood

Package Included:

1 x Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener

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