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Stainless Steel Wheel Knife

Don't Be Dull, The New Way To Slice Is Here

Why walk when you can run? Our Stainless Steel Wheel Knife is an innovative way to cut your meal preparation time in half. The special design allows you to roll the knife back and forth on your cutting board, making quick work of veggies, meat, bread, and more!


Innovative Design: The ergonomic design allows you to safely cut raw food quicker than ever. Its 360 degree rotating design ensures well-chopped ingredients in a shorter period of time. 

Versatile Usage: Slice, dice, chop and mince with laser point precision. Perfect for use on vegetables, fruits, meats, and bread.

Time-Saver: Spend less time doing prep work and more time enjoying your meal with your loved ones.

Kitchen-Grade Stainless Steel: The blade will never rust and is sharper than other brands' cutting utensils. Easy to grip and non-slip!

Used By All: Minimal force needed to cut various foods, therefore you can avoid excessive force and strained wrist meaning everyone can use it!


Our Wheel Knife is innovative, fun to use, and easy to clean! Just be sure to grip the blade from the dull side or with your thumb and index finger for safe removal as shown below.


Color: White/Green
Material: Stainless Steel/ABS Plastic
Weight: 216 grams
Product Size: 16 x 15.8 cm


1 x Stainless Steel Wheel Knife 

1 x Protective Blade Case

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