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Steel Wire Weed Whacker Attachment

Removing Unwanted Weeds Has Never Been Easier

Spend less time weed-whacking this year and more time outside doing the things that you love. This high-quality high-power weed whacker attachment chews through unwanted foliage like paper. 

Restore your deck, patio, sidewalk, and driveway in a matter of minutes and be the envy of the neighborhood without breaking a sweat.


Universal Usage: Our premium Steel Wire Weed Wacker Attachment will easily attach to any standard weed whacker!

Durable: Made with high-quality steel wire, this attachment is tougher than nails and will chew through anything for years to come. 

Interchangeable: You can attach and detach this head in less than a minute, making it easy to swap in and out on different machines or with different heads.

Lightweight: Surprisingly light, this attachment weighs just over a pound so it's easy to carry around for longer jobs.

Our Steel Wire Weed Whacker Attachment is designed to make your life easier. By focusing on making it lightweight while still making it durable and powerful, this attachment is easy to hold while cutting down weeding jobs by half the time. 

You deserve a clean yard with minimal effort, and that's exactly what our attachment does for you. Don't let pesky weeds and grasses take over your property, reclaim what is yours.


Type: Steel Wire Attachment
Quantity: 1 PC
Material: Carbon Steel Wire
Color: As Shown
Size: 15.0*15.0*4.5cm/5.9*5.9*1.8”(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 565.0g/19.9oz

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