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Sticky Fruit Fly Trap

Wonder why flies follow you whenever you have bright colored clothes? Well the answer is that insects are phototropic which means they love bright colors. Bright yellow colored traps attract insects, so take advantage of this fact and invest in our PestAway! Sticky Fruit Fly Trap. Protect your plants from any harmful pests without using pesticides!


  • Trap Pesky Flies and Bugs in Seconds:Get your blooming plants safe from bugs. Attract and trap Fungus Gnats, Mosquitos, Fruit flies and more. Control insect infestation and stop them from breeding! Reduce any damage while protecting your beloved plants from those pesky flies.
  • Super-strong Glue Adhesive:Designed with a solid adhesive on both sides, you'll be sure to capture hundreds of fruit flies and fungus gnats. These are UV safe and waterproof for every climate condition. Set aside cash since you will not need to supplant it except if it's completely covered with bugs as of now.
  • 100% Safe And Non Toxic:Pesticide-free solutions are no doubt very helpful to your family's health and the environment. This is where our sticky trap shines. It makes a great alternative to chemicals and pesticides. No harmful toxins, no odor and no vapor. Guaranteed safe for you and your plants.
  • No Complicated Steps:Unlike other fruit fly traps where you need to assemble them, using our fly trap will only take seconds to install! Just peel the protective film and poke on the soil near your plants. Let it sit for hours and watch it work its magic!

Product Details:
  • Components: PVC
  • Size: 10 x 15cm

Package Included:
  • 1 pc Sticky fruit fly trap

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