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STR Pipe Fusion Welding Machine


Weld pipes of different sizes and fit them perfectly.

It’s the most effective and quick solution to fitting 2 different pipes together. STR Pipe Fusion Welding Machine is a fast heating and efficient pipe welder that molds pipes of 20mm, 25mm, 32mm to fit them perfectly together. Turn pipes into suitable fittings. No more glues and adhesives. Simple, practical and effective tool to make a lasting fitting. 

  • Fit 2 pipes together fast and easy. Fit 2 pipes together and prevent loose or leaking connection. STR Pipe Fusion Welding Machine heats up and melts thermoplastics into different but fitting diameters from 20mm, 25mm and 32mm  Effective and efficient in making 
  • No need to buy new pipes. Save your time and money by buying new pipes to fit. This pipe fusion welding machine comes in different diameter plates with adjustable heat of up to 300 degrees celsius. It heats up the pipe without turning it melted sticky. All you have to do is insert male and female pipes into the plates on both sides. It works on PVC,HDPE,PPR,PE,PV,plastic and other thermoplastic materials. 
  • No more glues, epoxy or primers to fit tubes.Convenient and practical operation to make 2 pipes and tubes fit perfectly together. No need for unreliable adhesives that may loosen or leak once installed. No need for edge cutting. Heating and melting edges is the most effective way to connect pipes together.  Ideal for pipe system construction and repairs. 

Product Details:

Components: metal

Product Size: 300 x 90 x 192mm

Diameter: 20mm, 25mm , 32mm

Power: 800W

Input Voltage: 220V

Product Weight: 1200g

Color: yellow, orange,

Package Included:

1 x Pipe Fusion Welding Machine

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