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StrokePRO Swimming Weight Wristband


Train to swim from a beginner to a PRO with StrokePRO Swimming Weight Wristband! 

Are you equipped with the right swimming aid? Have you ever wondered what else you could do to increase your strength in the water? Train to swim from a beginner to a PRO withStrokePRO Swimming Weight Wristband! Perform perfect breaststroke, butterfly stroke, front crawl, kicks and other swimming techniques!


Adapts Good Muscle Memory:

These wristbands add weight and decrease water buoyancy when used while training. Improve your balance and promote stroke refinement through good muscle memory. Increase muscle strength, volume and endurance. Perfect choice for beginners to slowly add weights and take your swimming to the next level. 


Perform Powerful Kicks:

 Not only limited for wrists, but you can also attach it to your ankles. Build up strong leg muscles for Dolphin and Fish kicks. It is an effective low-impact training aid to avoid any injury. Perform resistance swimming while building up your speed. Swim faster and further like never before!


Built for Long Training Hours:

Our wrist weights are crafted from durable high-quality EVA and lead rod that is comfortable, easy to remove, sweat-proof and odor resistant. Made of soft material that won't scratch or damage your wrists even when used for a long time. Straighten, rotate or adjust it to fit your arm size. Attach it to your arm, legs, or wrists. 


Work Up Better Stamina: 

ThisStrokePRO Swimming Weight Wristband is great for hydrotherapy, muscular development and aquatic training. Works perfectly with other sports like Volleyball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Yoga, Pilates, Jogging, etc. Get twice the result with half the effort. 

Product Details:

Components: Lead Rod + EVA

Thickness: 2cm

Weight Options: 240g, 320g 

Package Included:

1 x StrokePRO Swimming Weight Wristband

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