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StrongFish Portable Forearm Wrist Training Aid

Improves grip strength

If you fish for big fishes, you might have common injuries such as tennis elbow. To prevent this kind of problem, you have to rehabilitate or strengthen your wrist. To have grip strength, means you have the ability to catch those big fishes without hurting your wrist.  Thanks to StrongFish Portable Forearm Wrist Training Aid, this tool will help you with various workouts targeting your forearm. 


  • Adjustable grip.StrongFish Portable Forearm Wrist Training Aid is created to have an adjustable grip that enables you to build the perfect stability for your forearms, the strengthener targets the accurate muscles in your arms and even shoulders, this ensures that it has enough tension to facilitate development for each muscle. 

  • Improve your grip strength anywhere you go.This strengthener is made of the compact size of 27 x 130 x 250 mm. Train your forearms regardless of where you are. The stronger the muscle tissue the more resilient it will be. No matter how big the fish you can catch, this strengthener ensures that you will get it.

  • Reduce the risks of injury. Fishing will really take a long time, this might harm your tendons. Prevention is the key, you can strengthen your forearm. The stronger and more robust the forearm, the more support and protection the wrist and elbow get.

Product Details:

Components: Metal Spring + Foam + Plastic
Product Size: 27 x 130 x 250 mm
Product Weight: 450 g
Color: Black

Package Included:

1 x StrongFish Portable Forearm Wrist Training Aid

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