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SwimKit Swimming Forearm Fulcrum Trainer


Learn the proper swimming forearm position

Learn the proper swimming forearm position and perfect each stroke with SwimKit  Swimming Forearm Fulcrum Trainer! This is your swim training aid that helps you refine your swimming strokes by guiding and positioning your forearms in their proper alignment. Perfect for swimming training sessions. 


🏊‍♂️Develop proper stroke muscle memory.Figure 8 design is an effective way to develop muscle memory for your strokes. It connects the forearm and hand in position by restricting your wrist from bending while doing strokes. The fulcrum has an image instruction where to place each your forearm and hand. 

🏊‍♂️Refine and improve your swimming strokes. Increase your stroke efficiency. SwimKit  Swimming Forearm Fulcrum Trainer develops your Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) through proper position. Proper positioning increases your uninterrupted pull and propels you better through water. Great training aid for all swimming strokes  - butterfly, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. 

🏊‍♂️Prevent bad swimming habits.Develop good swimming technique while eliminating bad habits. Using these fulcrum trainers prevents you from lapsing into bad habits. Maintain good forearm and hand positioning. Feel significant improvement as you practice a few lengths. 

🏊‍♂️Swim training aid for all levels. Great for beginners and even competitive swimmers. Fits kids and adult swimmers as well. Made from TPE and TPP materials.  All you need to do is slip your wrist and position your forearm and hands. Experience significant changes on your strokes and improve your efficiency. 

Product Details:

Components: TPE, TPP
Product Size: 
Kids: 28x3.8x10.5 cm 
Adults: 34.5x3.8x10.5
Product Weight: 160 g
Color: gray

Package Included:

1 x pair of Swimming Forearm Fulcrum Trainer

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