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SwimStrong Resistance Band


Strengthen your arms, chest, and shoulders! 

Achieve the winning strokes of pro swimmers! Get the perks of a full-body workout on the poolside or under the water with thisSwimStrong Resistance Band. Drastically enhance your swimming technique and boost swimming speed with these bands! This is the perfect swimming exercise tool to make your body stronger and lets you move easily in the water!


🏊‍♂️Perfect For Toning Your Muscles: Train different areas of your muscles and make them powerful. Enhance the speed, agility and strength of your shoulder, arms, chest, legs, waist, thigh, and more.Lightweight and portable for swimming training anywhere.

🏊‍♂️Premium Elastic Quality: Made from TPE material that is strong and durable. Soft and elastic that is easy to stretch with your strength. Effective equipment trainer for all swimmers of all ages.It has good air permeability and can be cleaned because of its smooth surface and good elasticity.

🏊‍♂️Various Weight To Fit Your Needs:Strong tension, fracture resistance, and toughness. ThisSwimStrong Resistance Bandhas an available 20 pounds pull for children and 60 pounds pull for adults.Easily choose the perfect weight that suits your strength level. Choose from 20LBS, 30LBS, 40LBS, 50LBS, and 60LBS.

🏊‍♂️Simply Attach to Use: Attach the strap loop on the solid steel to avoid accident issues, position your palm on the hand's pad then pull it near to you. Remember to position your body correctly for a great result.

Product Details:

Components: TPE
Weight Color Options: Yellow 20LBS, Red 30LBS, Blue 40LBS, Green 50LBS, Black 60LBS

Package Include: 

1 Set x SwimStrong Resistance Band

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