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Swinging Balance Cat Toy

Swinging Balance Cat Toy


A simple yet fun toy, this will not only entertain them for hours but also practice their hunting instincts! Yarns and furniture will be safe from cats when you have this Swinging Balance Cat Toy around!


  • No dull cat time - You won’t see them lazily lounging and bored instead, your cat will be mesmerized and start moving once you put this toy in front of them. 


  • Cat gang playtime - This toy can also be a team game if you have two or more cats. Play it with them so you can interact with you more and develop a better relationship with your other felines.
  • Built for the purring hunter - This heavy-duty toy is made of environment-friendly, non-toxic ABS material that is waterproof. Your pet will have long, enjoyable playtime hours with it.


  • Catnip surprise - The ball of catnip encourages your cat to get physical and start moving to keep them healthy. When they’re active, they’ll be able to eat more and discharge swallowed hair balls.
  • Happy cat, healthy cat - Aside from the exercise, this also boosts their mood to prevent angsty, sad, or negative emotions.


  • Dimensions: 24cm x 5.7cm 
  • Components: environmentally-friendly and food-grade ABS

Package includes

  • 1 x Swinging Balance Cat Toy

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