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TableGames Desktop Mini Billiards Game Set

Enjoy a game of portable miniature billiards

TableGames Desktop Mini Billiards Game Set is the perfect tabletop game to increase quality time and interaction between parents and kids. It’s a mini-game version of billiards complete with a pool table, wood poles, triangle frames and 16 balls. Enjoy a game of portable miniature pool table with your family.


🎱Build your focus. Billiards is a physical and mental game. It requires focus to hit the ball with appropriate amount of strength and direct it to the right angle. It helps sharpen your mind and your kids too.

🎱Improve hand-eye coordination. A game of TableGames Desktop Mini Billiards Game Set significantly improves your kid’s hand-eye coordination. It also enhances their balancing power. Moving and taking out 16 balls stretches their muscles and practices their balance and coordination. 

🎱Increase quality time between parents and kids. Challenge your family members to a fun game of billiards and create happy time. Allowing your kids to play improves their interpersonal skills. It’s a game suitable for kids and adults. 

🎱Mini game for family and parties. Have fun with your family at home or entertain your guests at a party with this miniature game of pools. It’s only 69x 36.5x22.5cm and comes readily assembled. All you have to do is find a place to play the game. Put it on the table, desk, floor or bed. 

Product Details:

Components: MDF
Product Size: 69x 36.5x22.5cm
Product Weight: 5.34 pounds

Package Included:

1 x pool table
2 x wood poles
1 x triangle frame
16 x mini balls

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