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Asian-Themed Assembled Building Blocks


Block play of Ancient Asian streets for you or your kids!

What do kids realize when playing blocks? Critical thinking, creative mind, math, engine capacities, enthusiastic development, and then some. Indeed, even grown-ups and guardians think that it's fun as well! This Asian culture theme-assembled building block provides cognitive benefits and stimulation for kids that goes well beyond their toddler years. 


  • A game of challenge. The400-800 tablets make long, tall, big and small pieces that complete into an Asian building. Choose from Baozi Pu, pawnshop, pub, or blacksmith buildings or complete the Ancient Asian street set! 
  • For the little engineer in the making.Countless studies suggest that construction play with blocks improves mathematics skills. Measurement, balance, height, comparison, symmetry and more. Make him like math at an early age. 
  • It’s a solo or group effort. Challenge and race your kid into creating the pieces and parts of the building. Engage your child or let him play with other kids to create this theme assembled building. 
  • It’s not just for kids. An appropriate block play for kids 6 & above. But playing with blocks is not just for kids. Spend quality time with your kid and family or relieve your stress playing solo. Block play is for all ages!


Components: 100% Safe & Non-Toxic ABS plastic

Sets: 01 Pawnshop, 02 Smith, 03 Pub, 04 Baozi Pu

Tablet:Blocks tablets (tablets) Number: 557-582 tablets (tablets)

Dimension: H - 95 to 103mm, W - 65 to 80mm

Age: For kids 6 & above

Package Includes:

1 x Set Asian-Themed Assembled Building Blocks

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