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Thermo+ USB Heated Hand Gloves


Gloves are excellent, but on some cold winter days, the chill still creeps its way in.


Get the extra warmth and protection with theseThermo+ USB Heated Hand Gloves. Keep your fingers warm even through the most freezing days! It provides an extra layer of coziness by generating enough power to ensure your fingers remain functional while working in low temperature areas.

    • 5V USB Powered: This hand glove is powered by any USB 2.0 outlet via cable or even power banks. Just plugin, and presto, it will bring a warm feeling in the coldness of the winter days. These gloves not only bring you a warm feeling but with a good fashion as well. 
    • Ultra Soft and Elastic Wool: Great material combined with extraordinary workmanship equals an amazing product. Made from ultra-soft and super elastic wool material that offers full flexibility for your hand and fingers. It is durable enough to last for many winter years.
    • Built-in Heating Pads: The heating temperature of these USB heated gloves is about 40-45°C. These are the most comfortable temperature ranges for the human body. Complete with an energy-saving feature that can reach your desired temperature within just a few seconds. Bring them with you when you head out for a walk, shovel some snow, or when you hit the slopes for skiing.
    • Fingerless Gloves: Perfect design when doing works like typing, gaming, or operating the mouse. It permits finger adaptability while having that degree of warmth and protection. Perfect for those individuals working in cool conditions and places to keep them warm as they work. These gloves will serve as an awesome gift to any of your friends or family.

Product Details:

Components: Wool

USB power: 5V

Temperature range: 40 - 45°C

Cable length: 126cm/49.61"

Color: Black/Brown

Package Included:

1 pair Thermo+ USB Heated Hand Gloves

1 x usb cable

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