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TreeClamp Medium Bonsai Branch Bender

Adjust the direction of the branch beautifully


Make your bonsai trees look beautiful with TreeClamp Medium Bonsai Branch Bender. This bracket aims to shape bonsai art trees without damaging them. This helps to successfully simulate a full-grown tree from a desktop size bonsai. Adjust your bonsai trees the way you want them to look!


  • Boost the ambiance of your place. TreeClamp Medium Bonsai Branch Bender carefully shapes your bonsai trunks into a stylish tree. You can adjust the way you want your bonsai to look. This will make the ambiance of your place more beautiful. 

  • Protects the bark of your bonsai.You do not have to worry about snapping or damaging your branches. The tip comes with rubber to avoid any damage on minute fragile branches. 

  • Premium Components.Made from drop forged high carbon steel for guaranteed strength and durability. You can use and re-use this bracket for all your bonsai projects with ease.

Product Details:

Components: Steel
Product Size: 87 x 144 mm
Product Weight: 300g
Color: Silver + Red

Package Included:

1 x TreeClamp Medium Bonsai Branch Bender

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