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Twist-N-Chug™ Topless Can Opener

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Host a one-of-a-kind beer party!

Don't try this at home

Hype it up and give their beer a personality as unique as their own don't let your guests settle for the same-old, same-old beer. Remove the can lid using the Twist-N-Chug™ and mix the beer cocktail directly in the can for an extraordinary and exciting experience they won’t get anywhere.


  • Rediscover your favorite beer -Drink the same beer in the same can but still give your taste buds some tickling when you throw in some fruits, a dash of spices, or anything that you think would suit your taste! Go ahead and try out recipes right here.

  • Beer pong approved! -Skip the beer plastic cups and use the lid-free cans during your beer olympics! Distinguish teams, individual players, etc using different beer brands. You’ll have fun and it’s eco friendly. 
  • Won’t give you the nasties - Avoid getting bloated and get a taste of the full flavor of your beer without having to pour it from can to glass. Twist-N-Chug™ doesn’t leave sharp or jagged edges, you can sip from it without getting cuts.
  • Goes wherever you go! - Fits your pocket so you can mix up your cocktails whenever you find yourself in a beer drinking situation.

How to Use

1. Grab the top edge of the can Or the bottom edge of the can. (Don't grab the center of the can!)

2. Open handle and place the tool on the top of the can.

3. Squeeze handle and rotate.

4. Align rim with handle notches and slowly rock to open the top


  • Component: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 62.7g

Package includes:

  • 1 x Twist-N-Chug™ Topless Can Opener

Make your beer extraordinary!

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