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Two-Sided Exfoliating Bathing Gloves


Using these Two-Sided Exfoliating Bathing Gloves can deeply clean and remove dry, rough dead skin cells when you bathe and show your glowing youthful skin! It thoroughly cleans your skin by removing dirt, dead skin, dust, oil, and other debris from your skin surface that can cause clogged pores and other unwanted skin issues. Feel squeaky clean and achieve smooth, clear skin.


  • Reduce and prevent skin issues.Dry skin, blackheads, pimples, rashes and bacne are just some of the most common skin issues experienced due to lack of exfoliation. Removing dirt, excess sebum and dead skin cells are necessary to prevent clogged pores and maintain smooth skin.
  • Two-sided gentle scrub. Gently remove dry and dead skin cells to get that soft young looking skin. The Two-Sided Exfoliating Bathing Gloves is made of elastic fiber and cotton and functions as a glove. Pair it with your favorite soap and gently peel away the impurities on your skin. Scrub your chest, back, arms, legs, knees, elbows and more for that squeaky clean.
  • Get healthy looking skin.Exfoliation is a must. It gives numerous benefits to your skin and overall well being. It promotes good blood circulation as you scrub, removes impurities and toxins from skin and leaves you with clean, smooth and healthy skin.
  • Maintain good hygiene.Our exfoliation glove is designed with a built-in hanging loop for convenient drying and preventing bacteria build ups. The natural fiber material also makes it fast drying. Easy to use and easy to store.

Product Details:
  • Components: elastic fiber
  • Product Size: 25 cm x 15 cm

Package Included:
  • 1 x Two-Sided Exfoliating Bathing Glove

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