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U-niq Chess Pieces Set Silicone Mold (2 Set)

Make fun and uniquely shaped 3D chess pieces. 

Love chess? How about creating your own unique complete set of chess pieces using U-niq Chess Pieces Set Silicone Mold. Everything is here! You only need your creativity and imagination to create unique colored and designed pieces.

  • Create uniquely designed and colored chess pieces. U-niq Chess Pieces Set Silicone Mold is a soft, flexible and resin silicone mold. You can use it with casting materials or use it to clay, gum paste, wax, candle and more into different chess pieces. Easily form and build the pieces even by yourself. 

  • Endless unique and creative ideas.Design and create endless models of these chess molds. Use different colors, materials, designs and themes. It’s the perfect DIY tool for those who like arts and crafts or baking. Create transparent pieces, in galaxy colors, easy or professional-looking designs for food decors, home decors, displays, centerpieces, and more!

  • Personalize your gift ideas. Create unique chess pieces for your friends and family especially to those who like the game of chess. Only 22.4 x 8.5 cm mold. You can make evenly sized, shaped and detailed pieces. Reusable and easy to wash so you make pieces as much as you want.  

Product Details:

Components: resin silicone

Product Size: 22.4 x 8.5

Color: transparent

Package Included:

2 x  Chess Pieces Set Silicone Mold

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