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UltraPEN Heat Erasable Fabric Marker (Pen+10pcs Ink)

Pure White
Rose Red

Draw out clear, detailed patterns that lead to stunning handmade clothes and crafts.

These days, ink is erasable. A quick touch of the heated iron and the marks are gone withUltraPEN Heat Erasable Fabric Marker. The marker’s ink vanishes easily with just a hot Iron, no need to pre-treat the fabric. Make dresses and other crafts without any marking on the materials.


  • Draw Precise Lines: The extra-fine 0.5mm writing pen tip makes sewing pattern marking on any kind of fabric smooth and easy. It uses a rollerball technique just like normal pens. Ideal to mark-up, write or design anything you like on fabric. This heat erase pen is a must-have for crafting or general sewing.


  • No More Wrong Markings: Adjust the wrong pattern without creating a mess, smudging, smearing, or fading prematurely. This high-performance ink quickly and cleanly erases any error with ironing. This will not let your fabric go to waste because the ink disappears as you iron.


  • Various Pen Colors:ThisUltraPEN Heat Erasable Fabric Marker is available in 5 different colors to let you apply clear lines on various colored fabrics. Color-code marks to indicate different stitches or thread colors. Choose from Blue, Black, White, and Rose Red for all of your needlecraft projects.


  • Works like Magic:The ingenious thermo-sensitive ink vanishes from sight, leaving your quilt or sewing project free of lines and unsightly ghost marks. For your pen ink long extra life, use a cap to help slow any drying.

Product Details:

Components: Shell Plastic

Pen Tip: 0.5mm

Colors: Blue, Black, Pure White, Off-White, Rose Red

Package Includes:

1 x UltraPEN Heat Erasable Fabric Marker


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