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Unbreakable Wired Trimmer Blade


 Tired of your trimmer is too weak to cut tough weeds? 

 Replace your trimmer head with the Unbreakable Wired Trimmer Blade that slices through grass, branches, and weeds super FAST!

  • It is a fixed internal structure to ensure consistency and safety.
  • More sharpened and efficient than other types
  • Do not have any problems if hits with stones o hard blocks. It will still work perfectly. The life will be 10 times longer than other cutting heads!


  • Suitable for the most trimmer models.
  • Designed with 360° wire steel blades for full coverage cutting with no dead spots. Cut more effectively with less time while saving gas or electricity.
  • Trimmer Blades are constructed from high-grade steel alloy for ultra hardness, sharpness, and extra durability



  • Material: steel wire
  • Size: 2,54 cm / 1,50 diameter
  • Color: Silver

 HOW TO ASSEMBLE:  Assembly is quick and simple.

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