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Unicorn Blessing Necklace

Beautiful blessings
shall be upon you

The image of virtue and known to grant the wishes of those pure of heart, this Unicorn Blessing Necklace is the perfect charm for your little girl. It inspires every wearer to cultivate self-love and authenticity while sprinkling a dash of magic into their everyday lives.

This necklace reflects these blessings from the Unicorns:

  • Healing
  • Sensing ill intentions
  • Positivity
  • Getting the best out of people
  • Strength

  • Magically glistens in the light - Hand sculpted and plated, the otherworldly unicorn is studded with pink, blue, and purple gems that focus and shimmer at whatever point light contacts them. The unicorn pendant itself is polished to gleam.

  • Beautiful reminder - The necklace comes with a “You are Magical!” inscribed heart to remind the wearer the innate power they possess and how they can make even the dullest moment enchanting.

Sit comfortable Details: 

  • Made of polished alloy and authentic rhinestones
  • Necklace chain length: 19.7 inches (confirm with supplier)

Package includes

  • 1 x  Unicorn Blessing Necklace

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