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Lens-Protect™ Universal Lens Cap

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Photography game changer! 

A multifunctional lens cap should come standard with every single lens. This Lens-Protect™ Universal Lens Cap will change your photographer's life whether you are a pro or starting out! 

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  • No matter what size -It stretches from*60mm to 120mm and can be used for 99% of lenses in the market, no matter what brand you’re using. When not in use, you can compress it down to conveniently fit pockets.
PixelSnapz™ Universal Lens Protection
  • Protection from the harshest environment - Lens-Protect™ can be used as a front and rear lens cap. It stays on until you intentionally remove it and protects the lens from water, mud, dirt, and dust. Perfect for camping, island getaways, and extreme environments where best photos happen. 
Compare V2 – KUVRD
  • 100% safe from falls - Absorbs shock from the front, rear, and exterior sides of the lens. No more damaged lenses from accidental drops!


  • Size: Approx. 62x51mm
  • Type: Universal Fit Lens Protector
  • Components: Silicone
  • Color: Black

Package includes:

  • 1 x Lens-Protect™ Universal Lens Cap

Protect your lenses while taking the perfect photo!

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