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Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Band

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Improve your vertical jump, leap and bounce using the Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Band. Made from soft latex and reinforced wired tube for stronger band elasticity. Get more grounded muscles on the legs, thighs, stomach, and lumbar. Upgrade your speed and readiness.  Perform better squat action.  The perfect workout equipment for professional athletes, non-athletes, and even beginners. 


Improve vertical jump speed and agility. Jumping, bouncing and leaping require strong legs and thighs for better and stable support.  Our Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Band provides the needed leg and chest training. A set of elastic ropes and ankle cuffs help develop thigh, chest and leg muscles by giving the needed resistance using your own body weight up to 35lbs.

Comfortable and easy to use sport equipment. Attach the elastic ropes and start your regular vertical jump training. It’s a simple yet effective tool used by professional athletes especially when training for basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, taekwondo and other sports that uses strong leg muscles. Elastic rope stretches from 35 cm to a total length of 40cm.  

Improve posture and prevent training injuries. The elastic bands and waist strap align your body and help you jump and squat in proper position.This prevents injuries and muscle strains while providing good muscle and body balance at the same time. 

Lightweight and very easy to use. Made from soft latex and rubber for more elasticity and higher resistance. It’s very easy to set up and lightweight to carry around. Exercise indoors or train your leg muscles anywhere outdoors. 

Product Details:

Components: Latex, rubber
Length: 35cm  - 40cm
Resistance: 40pound, 50pound, 60pound, 70pound, 80pound
Colors: Red

Package Included:

1x main belt
2x foot ring
2x ribbon pull tube
1x storage bag

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