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Vortex 3D Illusion Rug Carpet


Optical illusion carpet

A rug that gives you an optical illusion of being sucked in by a black hole. Our Vortex 3D Illusion Rug is a fun addition to your floor space. It gives any living space a unique appearance and visual effects. Place it in your living room , bedroom or any part of your home and have fun playing photo ops.



  • Unique interior design. Transform your living space into one optic figment. Our Vortex 3D Illusion Rug Carpet is an easy way to give any floor a unique visual appearance. Make the floor resemble a dark opening and give your family and visitors a pleasant encounter of venturing into the vortex.

  • Don’t let its appearance fool you. A 3D illusion maybe but this optical illusion rug is still made of polyester fiber material and non-woven fabric at the bottom. Very easy to maintain by just using a vacuum cleaner,  wiping off stains and completely washable. 
  • Make any floor space a fun place. Have fun playing and taking photo ops with this unique rug. Place it in the entryway, living room, bedroom or any business establishments like cafe, restaurants and more. Let your guess enjoy the fun of illusion. 
  • It’s still like any other carpet. It may be an optical illusion but the quality and features are high quality. Made of non toxic and soft velvet fabric and OEKO-TEX certified which means it’s made from environment friendly materials and passed the safety standards. 

Product Details:

Components: Polyester fiber (polyester)
Shape: round
Color: Black and White

150x150cm/4.9x4.9 ft,
180x180cm/5.9x5.9 ft,
200x200cm/6.6x6.6 ft,

Package Included: 

1 x 3D vortex Rug

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