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Universal Wall Hole Cover


With the Universal Wall Hole Cover, You can easily cover the holes made by pipings and electrical wiring that leave an ugly sight on your walls without any carpentry.

  • Easily attaches into any holes to cover it with a snap-on buckle.
  • Serrations designed to tighten its fit more on any pipes and wirings.
  • The installation has never been easier. No cement, nails, screws, and power tools needed.

  • It comes in different sizes for different hole sizes.
  • Made with ABS plastic and comes in white and black color.

Product Details
  • Components: ABS Plastic
  • Sizes: 29 mm, 45 mm, 58 mm, 80 mm, 116 mm, 170 mm
  • Color: Black, White

Product Inclusions
  • 2 x Universal Wall Hole Cover

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