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WellForm Taekwondo Kinetic Ankle Resistance Bands


Train and strengthen your body for taekwondo.

Increase your core strength and improve your flexibility by adding WellForm Taekwondo Kinetic Ankle Resistance Bands to your warm up and training. Increase your power and speed in each essential muscle group and perfect taekwondo moves with agility and stability.  

  • Strength training for Taekwondo.  WellForm Taekwondo Kinetic Ankle Resistance Bands is the perfect training equipment for kick training and drill to improve your speed and boost power to your kicks and punches. It encourages you to increase your power and stretch the bands past their resistance thus, improving your flexibility and stability. 
  • Train for fast kicks and height kicks. Enhance your training and improve your legs’ flexibility and strength. Wrap each strap to your ankles and practice your kicks. It comes with velcro straps with double D-ring and latex resistance bands. It’s a great add on when training for fast and height kicks like front kicks, 360 spinning kicks and sidekicks. 
  • Improve leg speed and force.Made for leg resistance training. It's great equipment for improving leg velocity and power, perfect taekwondo and other forms of martials arts, sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball and other sports that require footwork. It comes in different tension resistance from 20lbs up to 40 lbs and stretches from 40cm up to 60cm. 
  • Versatile and compact training equipment. Train and practice anytime anywhere. These taekwondo leg resistance bands are lightweight and compact that you can bring everywhere. Practice and train indoors or outdoors. 

Product Details:

Components: latex, nylon, polyester webbing

Product Size: 40cm/15.7", 60cm/23.6"

Band Tension: 30lbs(Yellow) /  60lbs(Green) / 70lbs(Black)

Color: yellow, green, black

Package Included:

1 x Taekwondo Kinetic Ankle Resistance Band

2 x ankle straps

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