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WhiteWall Graffiti Removal Cleaning Paste

Remove a variety of wall graffiti stains

Keep the walls and surfaces clean of graffiti using a simple solution - WhiteWall Graffiti Removal Cleaning Paste. It is specially formulated to remove wall stains and graffiti without damaging your wall's paint and texture. Effective and very easy to use. Just apply and wipe to remove stains. It also works on other surfaces including concrete, metal, leather, fabric and more.  


  • Remove a variety of wall graffiti stains. Remove and make your wall pleasant to the eyes again by removing unwanted prints and stains. WhiteWall Graffiti Removal Cleaning Paste can remove prints of pencil, crayon, watercolor pen, footprints, colored markers and other graffiti without damaging the wall. 
  • No need to repaint walls. Save cost for repainting. Remove it the easiest way by using this graffiti removal cream. No need for water, soap and tough scrubbing. Save your time, money and energy. With 20g of paste in a tube, you can remove stains from walls, furniture, car, tools and more. Not suitable for non-woven wallpaper. 
  • No more scrubbing the wall.Relieve yourself from the troublesome and tiring scrubbing of the wall just to remove the stains. Our graffiti removal cream cleans in 2 easy steps  - apply and wipe. It saves a lot of cleaning time and without  the hassle of hard scrubbing that can even damage your walls. 

Product Details:

Elements: Surfactant,water
Content: 20g
Product Size: 2cm x 11cm

Package Included:

1 x Graffiti Removal Cleaning Paste

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