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WinterHike! 18-Teeth Climbing Chain Cleats


Enjoy walking in any slippery place hassle-free!

If you’re a mountaineer or a hiker, you’re sure to desire to have the best experience on every adventure. With theWinterHike! 18-Teeth Climbing Chain Cleats, you'll never feel unsafe and will surely let you have the best winter adventure you've been looking for. It's the best equipment to provide safety for your greatest hiking and mountaineering!



  • High-Quality Traction:These cleats are packed with 18 metal teeth. Have better traction suitable for outdoor mountaineering, hiking in ice and even in snowy weather. Made out of high-quality elastic silicone that has great quality for a long time use. 


  • High-Strength Metallic Studs:Studs on the bottom of the shoe cover are made of high-strength metal and have good wear resistance. Ensure safety and assurance to make any movements without worry. The best mountaineering and hiking experience lies underneath your feet, time to climb at the top with the WinterHike! 18-Teeth Climbing Chain Cleats.


  • Non-slip and Easy Wear Cleats:Hassle-free shoe attachment that's easy to wear. Elastic silicone material allows you to just stretch it and slip your shoes! Flexible enough to fit into many kinds of shoes. Suitable for any type and is the ideal cleat on the go. 

Product Details:


Material Color Size Shoe
Medium Silicone +
Black 23 - 26cm /
9.06" - 10.24"
37-42 (approx)
Large Silicone +
Black 26.5 - 28.5cm /
10.43" - 11.22"
43-46 (approx)

Package Included:

1 x WinterHike! 18-Teeth Climbing Chain Cleats

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