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WireUp Heat Shrink Wire Connectors


Make connecting wires easier and injury-free!

Introducing WireUp Heat Shrink Wire Connectors, these connectors feature polyolefin tubing on their exterior and heat-melting adhesive on the inside. These connectors assure you that your wires will be waterproof.  They are suitable to use in marine and automotive applications. Solder and seal your wires with ease. 


  • Connect and solder wires with ease.You can now say goodbye to your electrical tapes. Heat shrink tubing will reduce in size and adhere to the wire. No soldering kit needed. Start making secure and durable connections in seconds.

  • Prevent wire corrosion.Connectors are the most valuable part of a circuit. WireUp Heat Shrink Wire Connectors are made of a thick copper barrel which ensures a strong wire crimp every time. Your wire will never slip out of these connectors. This will prevent the wire corrosion that may damage your wires. 

  • Various uses. This is a valuable tool for electricians, home builders, and DIYers. You can now fix your wires without calling an electrician. 

  • Easy to use.These connectors can turn any electrical wiring job into a fast and highly efficient process. Simply set your terminal and apply heat. You can connect your wire in seconds. 

Product Specification:

Components: Tinned Copper + PE

Product Size:

  • White Connectors: AWG 26-24 Fit Wire 0.25-0.34mm² 
  • Red Connectors: AWG 22-18 Fit Wire 0.5-1mm² 
  • Blue Connectors: AWG 16-14 Fit Wire 1.5-2.5mm² 
  • Yellow Connectors: AWG 12-10 Fit Wire 4-6mm²
  • Product Weight: 80 grams
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, White

Package Included:

  • 1 x WireUp Heat Shrink Wire Connectors


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