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Wood Cutter Drill Bit Set

Make better woodwork with Wood Cutter Drill Bit Set!

Different drill bits for different cuts and shapes. Our Wood Cutter Router Bit Set is your perfect tool set for all your woodworking deburring and milling needs. It works on wood, fiberboard, plastic and other material pieces with consistent performance. 


  • Make better woodwork. Having better tools means better crafts and results. Our Wood Cutter Router Bit is a complete set for all your woodworking needs - slot, rounding, V-slot,  edge, half round, rebating and more. Everything you need to get the most intricate detailing. 
  • Highly compatible with rotary tools.Use it with your favorite rotary tool. It fits router bits from 3.00mm to 9.5mm. Works well popular rotary tool brands including DREMEL, Chicago, Craftsman and more. 
  • Different tips for different finishes. A set of 10 different wood cutter drill bits to help you achieve different finish  the set includes Slot cutter in varying diameters, V-Slot cutter, rounding over cutter, combi cutter, rebating cutter, edge cutter, half-round cutter, and core box. 
  • Made for heavy duty work. Made of high- speed steel, our router bits are suitable for engraving in different materials including wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, PVC, acrylic, ABS and more. It’s the perfect set for making intricate detailing such as miniature toys and models.

Product Details:

Components: High-Speed Steel
Color: Silver
Shank Diameter: approximately 3.2mm
Length: 40mm

Package Included: 

1x Slot cutter Diameter 3.0mm 
1x Slot cutter Diameter 5.0mm 
1x Slot cutter Diameter 6.5mm 
1x Rounding over cutter Diameter 5.8mm 
1x V-Slot cutter Diameter 6.3mm 
1x Combi cutter 6.3mm 
1x Core box bit 7.8mm 
1x Rebating cutter 9.5mm
1x Edge cutter with pin Diameter 9.5mm 

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