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Clamp-Pro™ Woodworking Fast Clip Clamp

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You’ll never wish you had four arms and hands again!

Build your dream home interior ON YOUR OWN! With the Woodworking Fast Fix Clip Clamp, proficient quality DIY wooden racks, pantries, and edges are presently more conceivable than ever.

  • Secure wood where you want it to be - Drill, sand, plane, and even glue together wood minus the potential mistakes and accidents. This tool has a strong grip and firmly clamps wood in the position you need them on, you won’t bother asking for an extra pair of hands.

  • Smooth repositioning -Save time installing and reinstalling. The clamps come with an easy adjust feature. All you need is to unlock the clamp wrench, adjust according to the size of the wood, then lock.
  • No wood damage, at all! -You won’t waste good wood. The jaw clamps are secured with soft rubber to prevent marks on the wood surface. Your project will come out just like you imagined!


  • Can be used on all tables but works best with a tabletop pegboard that you can easily create! Follow these measurements when making your tabletop pegboard:


Color: Black
Weight: Appr. 930g                                                                                                     Components: PA6 / GF30 + imported soft rubber
Size: Shown as Picture

Package Includes:
1 x Clamp-Pro™ Clip
1 x Limit Accessories
2 x Fixing Accessories
2 x Screws

Level up your DIY woodwork projects!

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