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YHZR Kids Garbage Sorting Bins Toy

Teach your kids practical lessons and enhance their cognitive skills by letting them play this YHZR Kids Garbage Sorting Bins Toy.


It’s a learning toy that teaches your kids to identify items and where they belong in 4 different garbage bins -  non-recyclable garbage, recyclable garbage, kitchen wastes and harmful wastes.  It comes in 100 pieces of flash cards to sort. 

    • Teach your kids to sort and discard items. A fun imaginative game that also teaches your kids practical knowledge on identifying and sorting items and which category of wastes they belong to - non-recyclable garbage, recyclable garbage, kitchen wastes and harmful wastes It’s practical and a fun way to input good manners and knowledge to kids. 
    • Start them young on saving the planet. YHZR Kids Garbage Sorting Bins Toy comes with 4 1.8’’ x 2.36’’ x 2.6’’ different colored bins and 100 flashcards with images of items to be sorted out in 4 different categories. Teach your kids the importance of garbage sorting and how to discard them properly. Start them young about its impact on the environment. 
    • Teach your kids to be responsible with their garbage. It’s never early to teach your kids how to be a responsible citizen by handling their garbage. This simple and easy game helps them form eco-friendly habits and identification of different items. It’s fun, safe and a great way to educate your kids of practical lessons. 
    • Improve parent-child communication. Playing this game with your kid not only improves their knowledge and skills but your interpersonal relationship as well. This helps improve your communication as well as their language skills. You can opt to choose flashcards for 3-4 years old, 5-9 years old and 10 years old and above. 

Product Details:

Components: ABS plastic 

Product Size: 1.8’’ x 2.36’’ x 2.6’’

Product Weight: 5.6 ounces / 159g

Color: assorted

Suitable age: 3-4 years old/ 5-9 years old /10+ years old

Package Included:

4 x garbage sorting bins 

100 x flashcards

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