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YHZY USB Heating Neck Massage Scarf


Dual Function Neck Warmer and Massager

YHZY USB Heating Neck Massage Scarf provides 2 comfortable functions this cold season and all year round. It’s a scarf that protects you from the biting chill of the winter and a massager that gives heat therapy to soothe your tired neck and shoulders. 


🔥Keep the chills away whether indoors or outdoors. Keep yourself warm and toasty wherever you are. YHZY USB Heating Neck Massage Scarf provides 35 degrees up to 55 degrees of warmth to keep the chill and biting cold away from your neck. It has a 5V low voltage system that conducts enough heat in three different levels.  

🔥Provide immediate heat by connecting to a USB.
You only need to connect it to a USB to keep you warm for hours or even the entire day! Connect it to a power bank, PC, laptop or even in your car.  

🔥Fashionable and modern neck warmer.
Made from skin-friendly and comfortable polyester fabric. It’s warm, soft on skin and can provide the warmth you need in a safer way. It provides better heat than your traditional wool or mink scarf. It’s fashionable and also washable. 

🔥A neck warmer that doubles as a massager.Heat therapy is an effective way to loosen tight and tired muscles. Improve your blood circulation and relieve your neck and upper shoulders the stress and strain from day to day activities. It has four massage levels - vibration massage and warmth therapy.  You can adjust from a continuous vibration or intermittent vibration massage. This scarf is so functional you can use this as a neck massager even after winter. 

Product Details:

Components: 100% polyester fabric 
Product Size: 80X10cm
Input voltage: 5V
Product power: 6W
Heating mode: low temperature 35℃/medium temperature 45℃/high temperature 55℃

Package Included:

1 x USB Heating Neck Massage Scarf

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