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YYCJ Sticker Residue Remover Gel

An effortless and convenient way of cleaning out gooey residues

 Completely remove sticky residues by simply using YYCJ Sticker Residue Remover Gel. Simply apply adhesive residues and wipe them off without leaving any damage on the surface. It’s an effortless and convenient way of cleaning out gooey residues on any surfaces and keeping things in their pristine conditions. 


✨Dissolve any adhesive residues effortlessly.Completely remove adhesive residues from decals, stickers, tapes, labels, superglue and more the easiest way possible. No traces and damage left behind. YYCJ Sticker Residue Remover Gel removes adhesive on glass, ceramic, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and even painted metal surfaces.

✨Removes adhesives like a charm. Easy to use and gives fast results. Formulated to dissolve ultra strong glue and adhesive on any surfaces. Simply apply the gel on the surface, leave it to try and start wiping it off. One tube contains 20g of sticker remover. Works like a charm. 

✨No more scraping and peeling off stickers.Scraping off labels and stickers can leave your things damaged. Keep them in good condition by using a quick sticker remover. It only takes seconds to completely remove any traces of sticker. 

Product Details:

Product Size: 12cm
Product Volume: 20g
Color: clear

Package Included:

1 x Sticker Residue Remover Gel

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