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Zero-Waste™ Food Preservation Tray

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Save Space & The Planet!

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Zero-Waste™ Food Preservation Tray is the perfect way to save space, leftovers, and the planet all in one! They work by using an elastic film that closes down on your food or leftovers to create an airtight vacuum-like seal instantly, each tray locks closed.

  • Save Money On Single-Use Plastics
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Waste
  • Fits Any Kind Of Food
  • Stacks To Save 50% Fridge Space
  • Keep Food Fresh Longer
  • Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer Safe
  • BPA Free, Food Safe Material

Perfect for your next family gathering or party, pack a snack dish or full meal into the trays and carry it easier than bulky Tupperware. Zero-Waste™ Food Preservation Tray also keeps food fresh 3x longer by eliminating any excess air, unlike Tupperware or Ziploc bags.


Material: Eco-Friendly, BPA Free Plastic
Weight: 200G
Preservation Layer Material: High-Quality Elastic Film

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